De samenhang tussen lipmusculatuur en stemgeving

2009 June 29
by admin

Demmink-Geertman, E.G. & W.J.H. Jolink-van Keulen (1990). De samenhang tussen lipmusculatuur en stemgeving. Logopedie en Foniatrie, nr 11, p. 240-244.
(Article in Dutch)

Correlation between the function of the muscles of the lip and voice problems
Often, the upper lip muscles are too tensed or too relaxed. Hypertonicity goes with tensed muscles of the throat. In that case the rest position of the larynx is too high and results in inhibition of the length of the vocal tract and so to decrease of resonance. Hypotonia hampers the elevation function of the soft palate. With drinking, leakage of liquid through the nose is possible and with speaking increased nasalization. When pulling up the upper lip together with an inspiration you can feel the movement of the soft palate. Besides the right articulation of the labial vocals is dependant on the function of the lip muscles. .

Massage of the upper lip, practise of pulling up the upper lip simultaneously with an inspiration and drinking of a sip of water in the right way will eliminate possible dysfunc­tions in this area. Correctly taking a sip means pulling the upper lip, touching the liquid by the inside of the upper lip in order to control its temperature, correctly closing, transporting the liquid to the oral cave in posterior way, and swallowing.

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