The coordination therapy by Elfriede Öcker

Holistic approach of the correlations between breathing, feeding, articulation en voice.
Publisher: Harcourt, 2e druk 2006 ISBN 978 90 265 1791 4

The Coordination therapy. Summary

therapy_bookThe coordination-therapy (CTh) was developed by Elfriede Öcker for treatment as a holistic approach to the treatment of voice disorders. Öcker was the director of an institute for speech and language therapists in Linz (Austria), and has worked together with Professor Coblenzer, who was teaching at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Vienna. Therefore, a lot of Coblenzer’s ideas were assimilated in the CTh. In fact, Öcker developed an approach, which may be used to implement the exercises of Coblenzer after creating a solid basis. Of course, treatment can only be started after organic disease has been ruled out by medical diagnosis. If necessary, assistance from other disciplines must be evoked.
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